Cabin luggage

Discover our lightweight cabin suitcases. Created by travelers for travelers.

Suitcase E/E+

The E/E+ suitcase is lightweight but super durable. Just touch the lock with your finger to open the suitcase. Available in a smart version (E+), which includes a super fast charger for your phone or tablet.


Suitcase E1

Excellent quality at the best price. 360-degree wheels for comfortable travel. Front laptop pocket. It also has a coffee cup holder and a convenient phone stand, so you can watch your favorite movie during a break from traveling.


Suitcase E3

The E3 model combines advanced functions and a very durable construction, which guarantees the safety of the contents during travel. The E3 suitcase, made of super-durable polycarbonate + ABS material, not only looks elegant, but also protects your luggage against damage. Quiet, double and 360° rotating wheels ensure comfort and pleasure of traveling. At the top of the suitcase, next to the TSA lock, there are USB-C and USB-A ports that will make it easier to charge your phone or laptop inside the suitcase. Inside the front pocket there is a power cable to which you connect the power bank. It's the perfect carry-on airplane case for weekend trips.


Choose a set and save up to 15%!

Select your perfect set for every journey. Three sizes, same quality, and style. Our suitcases won't take up much space in your closet as you can easily nest one inside the other.


Wybierz zestaw i oszczędź nawet 15%!

Wybierz swój idealny zestaw na każdą podróż. Trzy rozmiary, ta sama jakość i styl. Nasze walizki nie zajmą dużo miejsca w Twojej szafie, ponieważ z łatwością schowasz jedną w drugiej.