Large luggage

Perfect suitcases for a two-week trip. Thanks to their well-thought-out solutions and durable construction, you can pack everything you need for a longer journey while maintaining elegance and order. Choosing our suitcases is an investment in comfort and style for extended adventures.

Suitcase E1

The E1 model is the finest suitcase made of ABS in its class. The TSA lock ensures the highest level of security. Quiet, dual, and 360° swivel wheels enable comfortable movement across various surfaces.


Suitcase E3

The E3 model combines advanced features with a highly durable construction, ensuring the safety of its contents during travel. Made from super durable polycarbonate + ABS material, the E3 suitcase not only looks elegant but also protects luggage from damage. Quiet, dual, and 360° swivel wheels provide comfort and pleasure while traveling. It's the ideal suitcase for checked baggage on flights and longer trips.


Choose a set and save up to 15%!

Pick your perfect set for every journey. Three sizes, same quality, and style. Our suitcases won't take up much space in your closet as you can easily nest one inside the other.